VI Congreso Español sobre Metaheurísticas, Algoritmos Evolutivos y Bioinspirados

Charlas Plenarias

Conferenciantes invitados

 Mark  Prof. Mark Harman, King's College London

Mark Harman is a Professor of Software Engineering and head of the Software Engineering Group, of which the Gesters is one of four sub-groups. He has worked extensively on program slicing, transformation and testing and more recently he was instrumental in founding the field of search-based software engineering.

Prof. Harman is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and DaimlerChrysler, Berlin. He is program chair for several conferences and workshops including the 20th international conference on software maintenance and the search-based software engineering track of the genetic and evolutionary computation conference. He has over 80 refereed publications and is an editorial board member for seven journals.

 Deb  Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Kalyanmoy Deb is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India and is the director of Kanpur Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (KanGAL). He is the recipent of the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Engineering Sciences for the year 2005. He is a fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), Indian National Academy of Sciences, and International International Society of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (ISGEC). He has received Fredrick Wilhelm Bessel Research award from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in 2003. His main research interests are in the area of optimization, optimal modeling and design and evolutionary algorithms. He has written two text books on optimization and more than 160 international journal and conference research papers. He has pioneered and a leader in the field of evolutionary multi-objective optimization.

1.- Prof. Mark Harman. Miércoles 11 de Febrero 2009
2.- Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb. Jueves 12 de Febrero 2009
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